A dedicated conservationist and nature lover, American born Jorie has made her home in the Scottish Highlands for nearly two decades. She is married to a Scotsman and they have four sons.

"My collection is a contemporary interpretation of an ancient tradition. Each piece is hand crafted with fine stones, collection coloured diamonds and supreme golds. Each design has a unique identity expressing a feature of The Highlands or a person who is significant to me”

Red Deer Facts (cervas elaphus)
Classified as an LC on the IUCN red list

Britain’s largest land mammal, Stags (male) weighing up to 190kg, Hinds (female) weighing up to 120kg.

Each Stag has two tusks.

Diet of grass, heather and ground-hugging plants.

Reddish brown coat in summer and grey in winter.

Stags and Hinds stay in separate herds 9 months a year.

During the ‘Rut’ (Sept - Nov) Stags will fight and roar to protect their harem of hinds.

There are about 360,000 in Great Britain today.

Most numerous in Scotland

Conservation, why we cull ?

No present day natural predator (ie. Wolf, Bear and Lynx).

In order to maintain a healthy population, numbers must be controlled so the species is able to flourish.

Damage to trees, woodland, farm crops and gardens.

Traffic accidents

Minimalise Lymes Disease

The tweed

The Culachy Tweed is handwoven by Johnstons of Elgin and is a distinguishing feature of all of our packaging.

Since the 1800s, traditional Scottish tweeds have symbolised the individuality and heritage of each Estate.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert inspired the sporting estate owners to design a tweed which reflects the spirit of each property.

Jorie was able to design her own Culachy Tweed. A Lovat background enhanced by a pale salmon coloured thread aligned with a Scottish blue.

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